Villa|Me is a town-house project located in the Montes de Ame neighborhood on the northeast of Merida. This project maximizes the lot size by wrapping the "L" scheme footprint  around a garden and stacking the bedrooms in the rear of the lot.
A double ceiling for thermal comfort and visual integrations was provided in the core of the living space. A kitchen, living area and a mezzanine area for a home studio are all contained in the space. Perhaps the soul of the project is the garden that generously connects the private space from the inside and outside, and from social to private areas. The two bedrooms are stacked one above the other and contain the same amount of square footage, each one with the same bathroom layout. Low maintenance materials were crucial items for the project as we chose them to age and weather in time. An exposed concrete look was achieved by polishing the stucco and leaving the natural characteristics including color, texture and imperfections. The remaining wood studs used for molding the concrete beam were painted and re-utilized for the main facade.
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