Sponsored by AIA North Carolina, Activate 14 is an annual summer event and design competition series designed to inform and engage city dwellers in conversations about architecture and design.  The organization summoned for an ideas competition on micro dwelling in small infill land in Chapel Hill. "Remnant Density", The team's proposed design, was to utilize a pod & super-frame system that will transforms the leftover space of a city from an afterthought to an opportunity.
The super-frame is flexible in size and configuration and can be deployed in any site, especially those deemed most stringent and uninhabitable. Design continues with the definition of the pods through analysis of its residents. Specific program components are translated from a typical 24 hour daily cycle of an individual or family, fitting the pods to the needs of the residents and crafting a customized dwelling unit. Over time, units can be modified based on the changing needs of the residents through addition, subtraction, or exchange of pods. The Remnant Density housing paradigm offers a long-term, sustainable solution for communities by adapting to the life-cycles of its residents and allowing families to grow and individuals to age in place.
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