Digital  Rendering - View from Street

Americas Residence was a social housing project completed in 2006. A more contemporary living space and an expansion for a master bedroom were requested by the client. The first move was to incorporate a double-height entrance to produce a more hierarchic welcome to the interior.

Digital  Rendering - Master Bedroom

The first floor is  dedicated to social activities. Walls were torn down to integrate a more open and connected space for a sense of spatial freedom. The kitchen now occupies the former small kitchenette and pantry area and a living room space were incorporated underneath the new added master bedroom on the north alley of the property. 
The second floor includes two rooms that stayed within the original scheme of this already-built home and a master bedroom and a balcony area were added on this second level. A continuous wall, located in the entrance and living space of the house, was finished with macedonia, a Yucatecan marble stone. Accompanied by the stairs and a double-height ceiling, the stones added warmth to the space and functioned as a unifier element to this modern house.

Digital  Rendering - Backyard View

Digital  Rendering - Vestibule

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